Gen 31 2018


I have not had my eyeglass prescription changed in several years, and I realized that I needed to see better.


I have not lived in the Lerici area for very long, and a friend recommended that I visit Ottica Bardi.

When you enter the location, you immediately realize the owners are very serious about eye care.

The examination was conducted by Federico. It was very technical and he used state of the art equipment.

It was an easy and pleasant experience.


There is a tremendous selection of eyeglasses to choose from in the store.

Something for everyone!

Pina assisted in helping me choose daily eyeglass frames and sunglass frames.

She definitely understands the customer and also knows what looks good and proper on the face!

Again, it was a pleasant experience.


I returned five days later to pick up my eyeglasses: Federico and Pina both assisted in getting the proper fit, and I left the shop as a very happy customer!


I highly recommend Ottica Bardi for your eye care needs.

From beginning to end, they are professional, technical and experts at what they do.

They take great, personal pride in delivering an outstanding product.


You will be very impressed!


Martha Camden

from USA

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